Thursday, March 14, 2013


I’ve always loved maps. Collecting them. Reading them. Piling them up in a drawer for handy reference. I suppose that’s due to my fascination with roads, especially old roads. I want to know where that road goes, what’s there, what the terrain is, how the landscape looks. Why was the road built? Where does it go, and why? Who lived there? Who took that road, and why?

I’d like you to explore some of those roads with me. The history of the roads. The history on the roads. And not roads only, but railroads and rivers. And the people who traveled down them. Who lived on them. Who died on them.

We’ll cross the highways of Big History on occasion, but mostly we’ll meander down the back roads of Little History, for history is in the details, not the dates. We’ll talk about other things along the way, but we’ll always come back to roads once taken.

Hop in, and let’s go.

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