Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Neighbors

I went out to walk after my last student of the afternoon, and when I got back to the yard, I found out who had been scratching in the leaves. At least one of the turkeys is back in town after being away for awhile. By the time I got close enough to snap a picture, he had run off into the woods, so I went back through my old pictures and found this one.

This would probably be a good time to introduce some of the rest of the community. I see three, four, or five does fairly often at dusk, but this guy stays pretty scarce except when acorns are in the yard.

This fellow doesn't live here. He was just passing through one day when I came home from church.

Not pictured are the owl I can hear but have never seen, the rest of the deer, and 57,843 squirrels. The deer and the squirrels are big supporters of community gardening, and are always willing to do their share of the work, so eager, in fact, that they race each other to see who can finish harvesting first.

Finally, there's Mini Guiness, who doesn't live here, but stops in for lunch every once in awhile. Except for being half the size, having shorter hair, and one little white tuft on his chest, he is an exact replica of Guiness.

Update: I renamed Mini Guiness "Minnie" after "he" had kittens.

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