Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free With Moneymakers This Time

It's been a good week at Kroger. They haven't given me much love the last few weeks, but they made up for it this week. Pampers Baby Wipes were 99 cents on the Mega Event Sale. Two fifty cent coupons made those free. Fifty cent coupons made Minute Rice 29 cents. Michelina's frozen dinners were 88 cents and I had a Kroger coupon for $1 off 5.

But the best deal was 99 cent Reach floss. The last time it was on the Mega Event, I went to three or four Krogers and never found any, but this time they stayed stocked up. I had three coupons for $1 off two and three for 55 cents off one, which would have been a good deal, but there was a concurrent Catalina deal (Catalina coupons are what print from the little machines at the register). If you buy 2, you get a dollar off your next order; buy three, get $2; buy four, get $3. I tried four just to make sure it worked because several other deals I've seen on the internet didn't print for me in the past.

It worked, so I grabbed four more, then debated the extra coupon, trying to figure the math in my head while trying not to be late for church. I went ahead and got four more, but getting the Catalina to print on both meant purchasing them in separate transactions, which meant I needed one additional Mega Event item to go with each set. The "Buy 5" requirement of the Mega Event wasn't playing well with the purchase requirements of the coupons I had left to match, so I changed my plan and went with one extra rice since it was one of the cheapest things, and toilet paper. Even though I have plenty, it's one of my favorite brands and the Mega Event put it below my price point without a coupon.

The cashier was very patient and didn't mind ringing the first five items separate from the rest of my order. After deducting the value of the three $3 coupons I got back, the net profit on the twelve flosses was $1.77, inclinding the three that didn't have coupons. If I had stopped at eight, I could have netted $5.18, but these will be great to donate the next time our church collects toiletries for Sweetwater Valley C.A.M.P.

The percent savings on the three transactions were 65, 67, and 77%, not counting the $9 back I haven't redeemed yet, and included flour and lettuce that weren't on sale. That's more in line with what I save at Publix, but I usually only shop the big savings at Publix. Kroger doesn't have as many Buy-One-Get-One-Free sales and their coupon policy is nice but not incredible like Publix, but excluding those specific deals, Kroger has better prices over a wider selection of items. I'm brand-loyal to Kroger bread, I like other Kroger store brand products, I like their produce and meat, I'm picky-picky-picky about my lettuce and theirs is almost always pretty, plus I get my gas and phone points, so Kroger is my go-to store for nearly everything else. Publix is my favorite coupon store, but Kroger is probably my favorite store overall ... especially when they keep sending me great coupons to take to Publix. Thank you, Kroger.

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