Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was about halfway through Saturday's post (and still on Saturday, even) when my computer was frozen by the "FBI moneypak" ransomware virus. Fortunately my good friend Mr. Wonderful is a computer guru and is currently taking care of that and a few other issues for me (part of the deal being that I actually agreed to call him Mr. Wonderful for an undetermined amount of time, but when your back's against the wall, you do what you have to do).

I will be without my desktop for a few days, but hopefully I'll be able to work around that enough to finish the post on Yorktown if I can access the backup photos on my external hard drive. Printing Book 3 of the piano series I self-publish for one of my students is not as simple because the software I need is on the desktop, but fortunately she can wait until next week for that. As for the other newer files I have been working on that I've been meaning to back up ... well, it seems to be a good week to read instead of write.

So back up those files, update your virus protection, and then read a book. I'll go read a book, and then update my virus protection and back up my files later.

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