Monday, April 1, 2013

Steps with Balance Rewards

Walk with Walgreens has changed their program. It’s now Steps with Balance Rewards. Not only can you earn more Balance Rewards points for every mile you walk, you can earn points for logging other activities also. Originally the reward amounted to about a penny per mile, but I signed up figuring that since I like to walk, that was a penny I otherwise wouldn’t have for something I was doing anyway. We’ll see how the changes work out. I haven’t redeemed any balance rewards points yet. The goal is to save up to 40,000 points and redeem it for a $50 dollar shopping spree because my stingy side won’t let me redeem 5,000 points for $5 at 1,000 per dollar when I can get a dollar for 800 points by waiting.

Unlike the point system at CVS and Rite Aid, Walgreens only awards points for certain weekly deals rather than your total, so earning points for purchases isn’t as convenient. While I would rather they awarded points for everything, the monetary amount of the reward is probably more worthwhile to me. I do take points into consideration before I buy an item, but only slightly. The combination of sale price, register reward offer, and/or coupons still has to put the item at what I’m willing to pay for it, or at least get it close enough that the points value will knock it down there. If it’s not something I have to have right at the moment, and there are few items other than fresh groceries (milk, bread, produce, etc.) that are, the math has to click before it goes in the buggy.

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