Sunday, May 26, 2013

Air Force Memorial Dedication

As a donor to the Air Force Memorial, my father was able to secure tickets for us to attend the dedication of the monument October 14, 2006 and the memorial service the following day. There was a limited amount of space for seating at the memorial, which was reserved for the dignitaries, but jumbo screens were set up on a stage a short distance away in the Pentagon parking lot where we could see both the action on the memorial stage while we had a view of the entire structure off to our left. Like the Washington Monument, the spires are so tall they really need to be seen from a distance to grasp the complete design.

The Air Force Memorial from the Pentagon parking lot.
It sits in front of the Navy Annex beside I-395 in Arlington, Virginia.

Parade of planes during the ceremony:

My dad was a crew member on both the B-29 (left) and B-24 (right).



Stealth bomber


President George W. Bush on the jumbo screen.

The audience at the memorial site.

The USAF Thunderbirds performed at the Air Force Memorial Dedication, ending with a "bomb blast" maneuver:

Bomb blast maneuver


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