Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Big Brother Went to Ireland, Scotland, and England and Didn't Take Me

Left me all alone to deal with the wild and crazy turkeys. So sad.
But since he really is a nice guy when he wants to be, I thought it might be nice to ask him to share his pictures as a guest blogger on Old Roads Once Traveled for a number of reasons:
  • He's a great photographer.
  • He uses correct grammar (or either his English teacher daughters edit him).
  • He usually spells things right (or either can correctly use spell check).
  • He has a proficient knowledge of history, being of an age to have experienced most of it (he's my much, much older brother).
  • He went and I didn't.
  • He has the pictures and I don't.

Bob has written e-books that are available on and

Here are Bob's posts:
Scotland and Ireland
St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland
The Book of Kells
An Ancient Monastery in Ireland
Why Scotland and Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland and the Bible
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Speaking of old roads, the basket case is your guest blogger with our uncle.

Me and Bob on my first birthday. I'm the cute one.

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  1. No, Debbi is the little girl. Contrary to the impression she tries to give, I was 15 when she was born, not 150.