Sunday, May 26, 2013

National Mall

From Arlington, our bus tour continued across the Arlington Memorial Bridge toward the National Mall. I apologize for the clutter from trying to take pictures from inside a moving bus. The good thing is I was not the one driving across this bridge at five o'clock in the afternoon in the pouring rain by mistake when I was supposed to be going in the opposite direction, like the last time I left Arlington National Cemetery, driving around and around the Lincoln Memorial trying to figure out how to get back to Virginia.

Signs heading into Washington:
"Left Lane Closed Ahead"  "Swerve Right"
Draw your own conclusions.

The Lincoln Memorial

Gettysburg Address

Second Inaugural Address
End of the Second Inaugural Address

Lincoln Memorial ceiling
Washington Monument from inside the Lincoln Memorial.
Washington Monument
Geese in the Reflecting Pool
Construction of the Washington Monument began in 1848 and continued until donations ran out in 1854. Congress appropriated money to continue construction in 1855, but rescinded it when disputes arose over donated commemorative stones with inscriptions that had nothing to do with George Washington. The monument sat unfinished throughout the Civil War and after until 1876 when Congress appropriated additional funds. By that time, it was impossible to match the marble, leaving a visible line one-third of the way up where construction was renewed with darker marble. The monument was finally finished in 1884. For a Matthew Brady photo of the unfinished monument c. 1860, see

The line of bureaucracy.
Some of the more productive citizens of Washington.

The birds are the reason I added a wildlife label to this post. Honest.
Shaded benches provide a view of the Vietnam Memorial

Look at the Vietnam Memorial and you will see yourself.

Entering the Atlantic Arch of the World War II Memorial
My parents

Washington Monument from the WWII Memorial.

The POW-MIA flag flying beneath the US flag over the WWII Memorial held special meaning for a WWII POW.
Lincoln Memorial from the WWII Memorial.

Some of the campaigns Daddy flew in.
He was shot down over Sicily.

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