Friday, May 24, 2013

Together Forever

Tonight at 11:15 will mark the 5th anniversary of Daddy's passing. My least eldest brother had felt led that weekend to drive down and surprise Daddy and take him out to eat for his birthday. He had brought a video of his and my sister-in-law's performances in their church's Easter pageant that we watched together on Friday night. Saturday when it was time to leave for Cracker Barrel, Daddy was suddenly weak and chilled. He thought he would feel better after a nap, but when he woke up he was too weak to get out of the chair.

Daddy had just gotten over pneumonia, but in the ER, he was diagnosed with a new case. As they were preparing to transfer him to ICU, he suffered a heart attack and died soon after. Because my brother had done what he felt led to do, we were all able to be with him when he died.

Daddy's health had been declining for a number of years. Mama's goal had always been to live to take care of Daddy. Even though she had been diagnosed with cancer the previous October and took weekly chemo treatments, she had no physical symptoms from either until just a short time before Daddy died. It was like she wasn't even sick, and she was able to go about her usual routine until May. I have no doubts that the timing of Daddy's death was God's perfect plan to let him go first, just at the beginning of her decline. Neither of them would have wanted anyone other than her to take care of him, and he wasn't able to take care of her like he had for 63 years. She passed away September 7.

When Mama and Daddy purchased their grave marker, they wanted something similar to what Daddy's parents had ... except spelled correctly.

They are all in heaven now, together ... and to gathered. And that's better than going to Cracker Barrel.


  1. I am so glad you had a much loved Father. Mine just survived setacaemia but was in Resuscitation. My mum is also his carer. Having memories of the good times maybe makes the loss of a good parent easier to bear? However I guess it is always hard.

  2. Daddy's passing was unexpected, but not unanticipated. He had been in declining health for a long time, and had had some scary moments, but we did not expect him to die that night in the emergency room. It was a difficult time, but God allowed our whole family to be together. He was prepared and we knew where he was going, and we knew that we would see him again. It was hard, but looking back, it was not as hard as I expected it to be. The pain and the missing never goes away, but it does get easier. I found that after a little time passed, I was able to write about him and his life extensively, and that was a tremendous comfort to me. Now that nine years have passed, I find that I have many new friends that never knew him, and I love introducing them to this extraordinary man.

  3. I'm glad your family was able to together. I was not able to see my dad before he died unexpectedly in the hospital of cancer. Mom was in denial and had told me not to come yet -- to wait until he felt better. My brother wasn't able to be with me the day Mom died, but he was able to see Dad. That's what happens when family members live too far apart. Peace to you.