Monday, June 17, 2013

Restoration Photos of Kolb Farm

Kolb House today
Back in March, 2013 when I first started Old Roads Once Traveled, one of my first posts was about the battle of Kolb's Farm in 1864. Located on busy Powder Springs Road in Marietta, Georgia, I have driven past this house thousands of times and always love just sitting and looking at it while stuck at the red light.

This simple house has so many of my favorite architectural features. I love log houses. I love the Plantation Plain style with two or four rooms off a dogtrot or central hall. Peter Valentine Kolb built this log house in 1836 as four rooms with an open dogtrot (huge by 1836 pioneer standards!), enclosing the dogtrot into a central hall sometime before the Civil War.

The Kolb House is part of the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. While there is a pull-out with a few parking spaces and several interpretive panels and historical markers alongside the Kolb family cemetery at the edge of the yard, the park uses the house as a private residence, so the interior is not open to the public.

I was doing a search on something completely different the other day and stumbled across these government photos. They are not dated, but apparently are photos before and during the 1964 restoration of the Kolb House to its 1864 appearance. I was thrilled to find interior shots! Now I have some idea of what the house looks like on the inside.

Perspective view of north (front).
At some point after the Civil War, the logs were covered with clapboards and a front porch with Victorian trim was added.
Perspective view of south (rear) and west side.
The two rear chimneys were removed. A rear wing with a back porch was added.

Perspective view of north (front) and west side.
Perspective view of north (front) and east side with rear wing, missing the rear chimney.

Perspective view of south (rear) and east side with rear wing.
East end, showing chimney restoration.
The siding has been removed, the rear wing has been separated but not removed, and the east chimneys are being rebuilt.

East end, showing chimney restoration, oblique view.
Perspective view of south (rear) and west side.
South (rear) and east side today.

South rear, showing porch reconstruction.

West end, showing chimney reconstruction.

Southwest corner, detail showing stone pier and timber joints.

Perspective view of north (front) and east side.

East side today.

Perspective view of north (front) and west side.
North (front) elevation before chimney restoration.

North (front) elevation after chimney restoration.

Detailed elevation of front door and light surrounds.

Exterior window detail, north (front).
Detailed view of floor beams, from crawl space.
Detailed view of floor construction, first floor.

And now for some rare interior photos of the Kolb Farm House:

Detailed interior elevation of front door.
You can see how the original open dogtrot was enclosed at each end to make a central hall.

Interior perspective view (south) of entrance hall showing back door and the closet under the staircase.
The interior log walls have been covered and trim added.

Interior perspective view (north) showing stairs in entrance and front door.

Detailed view of door and surrounds on west wall of entrance hall.
Interior window detail, north wall, northeast room, first floor.
Window lock detail.
Detailed elevation of mantel on east wall, northeast room, first floor.
Detailed perspective of second floor stair opening.

Interior perspective (west), second floor.

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  1. So glad to have photos of this farm before the restoration... this is what it looked like when the Brooks Family lived there in the 40s-60s