Thursday, July 11, 2013

Historic Downtown Powder Springs, Georgia Walking Tour Part 6

The lower north side of Marietta Street in downtown Powder Springs, Georgia:

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA
The entrance to the old Powder Springs Bank building

Of the three buildings in this brick row, the left was the old Powder Springs Bank (1904-1929).
Tapp's Grocery stood in the middle (now Darcy's Botanicals). The building on the right, which
has been a garage and a grocery store, is now Tea at Seven Springs.
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 Lower downtown Powder Springs from Tea at Seven Springs. A train crosses Brownsville Road at the bottom of the hill. Powder Springs Park is located just across the railroad tracks.

 The alley between Tea at Seven Springs and Hand Me Up's.

 Floral Basket quilt on the side of Tea at Seven Springs

A sampler quilt covers electrical meters and telephone equipment on the side of Hand Me
Up's. Clockwise from upper left, the patterns are Monkeys Wrench, Bears Paw, North Star,
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