Thursday, July 18, 2013

Historic Downtown Powder Springs, Georgia Walking Tour Part 8

More old houses in downtown Powder Springs:

The center of the entrance hall of the Camp-Lawler-Magnolia House sits on the spot specified by the 1859 town charter of Powder Springs from which the city limits would extend in a half-mile radius, making it literally the center of town. The Plantation Plain house was built somewhat north of its present location for Tom and Bright Camp and rolled to this spot to accommodate the widening of Marietta Street in 1930. The house was later home to Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Lawler and Mrs. Lawler's brother, Harold Norris.

During Powder Springs' mineral resort era, the Stovall Hotel stood on this site. Now the Magnolia House, a wedding and special events facility, the location has returned to its hospitality roots.

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA
Camp-Lawler-Magnolia House

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA
Butner-Bodiford House

This Queen Anne was originally a bungalow with hand-hewn beams. John L Butner, a dry goods merchant and landowner, bought the house and added a second story and other additions in 1900. The building features two cross gables, a corner tower, and a wrap-around porch. (Note that the window style is identical to the green house, two doors down, pictured above).

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA

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