Monday, July 8, 2013

Historic Downtown Powder Springs, Georgia Walking Tour Part 1

While I was at the Seven Springs Museum in Powder Springs, Georgia recently, I picked up a brochure for a downtown walking tour. Armed with the information in the brochure, additional photos and information in the book Images of America: Powder Springs, some photos of old pictures of some of the houses on display at the Seven Springs Museum, and a rare Saturday morning off, I headed downtown early with the intent of beating the heat.

As it turned out, early Saturday morning is probably the best time in the week to take pictures across the road with as little traffic as possible interfering with your shots. After about an hour, I was having to wait for cars to pass to get clean shots, so I decided to browse a couple of shops and save the rest of town for another day.

Powder Springs has a fairly compact downtown area comprised mostly of old houses and a few old stores spread out over a few blocks along Marietta Street between Old Lost Mountain Road and New Macland Road with good sidewalks on both sides of the street, so it's a pleasant little walk if you don't mind the hill. There is also an old residential area one block off Marietta Street along Atlanta Street that merits at least driving by if you don't want to walk that far.

Starting at the red light at the bottom of Marietta Street at Brownsville Road,
the Leake-Lovinggood House is the first building on the left as you enter downtown Powder Springs.
Built in 1913 by C.T. Leake, a cotton buyer, the house is a two-story gable front and wing house.
The house was later purchased by druggist Boyd Vaughan, then Virgil Lovinggood, a grocer.
Rainey Ceiling & Insulation occupies this house on the right side of Marietta Street next to the railroad tracks.
The log siding of the Seven Springs Museum is just visible through the trees across the tracks,
with the lights of Powder Springs Park beyond it.



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