Monday, July 8, 2013

Historic Downtown Powder Springs, Georgia Walking Tour Part 2

National Register of Historic Places
On the National Register of Historic Places, the former Country Store of Seven Springs is now Kiwiquilts.
National Register of Historic Places
The front section of the three-part store was built in 1890 and was the location of Dr. William Edgar Butner's store.
Middle section of Country Store building.

National Register of Historic Places
The rear section of the Country Store building was reported built in the 1830s. It was used as a livery stable during Powder Springs' health resort period. Later it served as a stage stop, and as a storage facility for cotton and feed.
Blogger is currently experiencing some issue with photo formatting. After about three photo uploads, additional photos cannot be formatted. I can work around the caption function, but not resizing or other properties, so please continue to Part 3 for additional photos of this building.

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