Thursday, July 18, 2013

My first article for Yahoo!

I have started submitting freelance articles to the Yahoo! Contributor Network. I've had one published so far. Another is under review, and I plan to contribute other articles periodically.

I will occasionally put a link to my new articles on Old Roads Once Traveled's Facebook page and Google+ page along with updates on new blog posts and information related to them, but you can access everything I have published on any Yahoo! site from my user profile at

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You write most comfortably about what you know, so to test the waters I chose a topic I've learned a lot about over the last ten or eleven months, and made a list of some of the things I'd wished someone had told me when I learned Guiness was diabetic, wrote the article ... and then cut half of it out to get down to the recommended word count. (I'm much more a novelist than a journalist, okay?)

(Obligatory cute cat photo here ...)

"I purr for insulin shots. And ear sticks for glucose tests. And treats. But mostly for treats."
Reading articles on Yahoo costs you nothing, but I get paid according to how many times my articles are viewed, so clicking on the link below is a great (free) way for you to help with Guiness's vet and insulin bills. Thanks.

So here is my debut article for Yahoo! Voices:

7 Things Not to Do When Your Cat Has Diabetes

Your heart is racing and you feel weak at just the thought: My cat is diabetic. What do I do now?
Here are seven things not to do when your cat has feline diabetes:
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