Saturday, July 27, 2013

Old Roads Once Traveled is now on Squidoo

I've just published my first "lens" at Because the format is so  different from blogging and writing for Yahoo!, I wanted an easy first effort to experiment on, so I blended some of my Jamestown posts into one article.

One thing you'll notice immediately is that, while articles on Yahoo! are basically content with advertising, Squidoo is more like advertising with content. It feels less like journalism and more like marketing.

I think Squidoo, for my purposes, will work best with topics that have related products, which should play fairly nicely with some of my more historical topics. I don't have control over the ad content, but I do get to pick what Amazon products will be featured on the page. For the Jamestown list, I chose related books and DVDs, which will probably be pretty typical of my history and travel lenses.

A quick note on how I get paid from these freelance gigs:
  • Yahoo! Contributor Network pays a small amount when each page is viewed. Certain articles also review an upfront payment of a few dollars in addition to performance pay.
  • Squidoo pays a portion of advertising revenue. In addition, if a reader clicks on an item listed on my page to purchase it from, I will receive a portion of the purchase price.
  • Squidoo also pays a bonus for referring friends, so if the sight offers something you are interested in pursuing, let me know and I'll tell you how to sign up.
With that said, here is the link to my first lens on Jamestown:

and my profile page:

Note that my Squidoo user name is OldRoadsOnceTraveled (no spaces).

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