Monday, August 5, 2013

Almost Like Being Back in School

So far, all of my freelance submissions have been on topics of my own choosing submitted on my on schedule, but I claimed two assignments last week and have been working towards--oh, horrors!--deadlines. After working since breakfast today, I got the first one in with 15 minutes to spare.

(And everyone who knows me is sitting there reading this right now, and thinking, "Fifteen minutes? Wow! That early?")

I'm not real good with schedules.

The topic was something I could have a lot of fun with: Back to School Supplies. Really. It was fun. I read the assignment, and got really excited. I've spent the past several days (no, I did not wait until this morning to start it) thinking of all the ways I could make fun of my obsessions with filler paper and binders and purple pens.

And then after using the recurring purple theme through the whole thing, I checked everything five or six times, and hit publish with 45 minutes to spare.

And then realized several minutes later that after having purple on the brain for a week, I forgot to format the page to use the purple visual theme. I went to the page and, sure enough, my purple school supplies lens was Default Blue.

Fortunately on this site, I can edit after publishing.

I needed a intro photo, so I decided to arrange some of my new purchases of things I really didn't need spilling out of the new purple backpack I really semi-need, and just as I was getting ready to snap some shots, guess who decided to jump into the picture?

Okay, maybe fame actually has gone to his head and he's come to expect being published. But it fit the theme (Guiness loves to lay on books and paper, especially if I'm using them), so I left him.

This lens was written in response to a challenge for new "squids" (yes, that really is what Squidoo calls its writers), so I'm interested to see how other writers try to be creative, interesting, and personal with school supplies when some of them are featured tomorrow.

Here's the link:

Confessions of a School Supply Addict: My Life-Long Battle with Back-to-School Sales

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