Monday, August 26, 2013

Historic Downtown Powder Springs, Georgia Walking Tour Part 11

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA
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We'll wrap up our walking tour of downtown Powder Springs with the north side of Marietta Street from the First Baptist Church to New Macland Road.

The Lackley-Florence-Tapp House, childhood home of teacher and Powder Springs historian Virginia Tapp, was built prior to 1877.

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA
Florence-McTyre-Conlon House
The Florence-McTyre-Conlon was built by Wallace Florence, a cotton buyer, in the early 1900s. The house was later owned and renovated by J.B. McTyre.

Formerly the library, this building, now known as The Garage,
belongs to the First Baptist Church of Powder Springs.

Office of Dr. James Boyle, DMD

Marietta St., Powder Springs, GA
Middlebrooks-Littlefield House
One of the oldest houses in Powder Springs, the Middlebrooks-Littlefield House was probably built around the time of the Civil War. Dr. J.D. Middlebrooks purchased the house in 1900 and moved his office there. The current owners of the Gothic Revival house found a pouch of Confederate money cemented into the chimney and an 1886 silver dollar hidden in the ceiling.

I want to be able to enlarge as many pictures of the Middlebrooks-Littlefield House as Blogger will let me, so it will get it's own post.

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  1. I was happy to see my Great Grandfather's Powder Springs house here.Dr. James David Middlebrooks was my GGrandfather. Please reference:

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    1. I was happy to learn more about the Middlebrooks-Littlefield House. Thanks for the information about your family. My parents lived in part of this house when they were first married. I hope you saw the post specifically about the post specifically about the Middlebrooks-Littlefield House here: