Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pastel Paper Clips, Pens That Aren't Purple, Shoeboxes, and More Nearly Free Toothpaste

My Squidoo Back-to-School Challenge lens "Confessions of a School Supply Junkie", in which I opined about purple pens, chartreuse binders, pastel paper clips, purple magnetic staplers, and purple coupon binders, is doing well. Originally ranked at about #124,000 out of however many lenses were on Squidoo on it's first day, it has been bumped up to #35,822 on Day 2. I've had some great comments. My favorite is:

suepogson Aug 6, 2013 @ 11:30 pm |                         
Take a deep breath ma'am ... now walk away from the stapler .... Put the pastel paper clips down ... Ma'am ... I need you to put the pastel paper clips down NOW . Move away from the stapler ....
Honestly - you're not safe to be let out.
Howled with laughter at the lens. Thanks!
In case you missed the lens, here's the link again: "Confessions of a School Supply Junkie".
In the meantime, I headed to Walgreens today for 29 cent pens that weren't purple, but I'm stocking up for Samaritan's Purse Shoebox time. They also had Colgate Total Zx toothpaste on sale for $3.49 with a $2.50 Register Reward. I had two $1 coupons, which netted me premium toothpaste for twenty cents each in tax after I redeem the Register Reward.

Note: If you have multiple coupons, be sure to make multiple transactions because only one Register Reward will print per transaction. Also don't use your first Register Reward on your next transaction or the subsequent Register Reward won't print.
And what should spit out of the machine but two more $1 coupons for the same toothpaste? Looks like I'm going back to Walgreens tomorrow.
So other than sticking it in Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes, what am I going to do with my growing stockpile of free or nearly free toothpaste?
If you have to ask that, then you apparently didn't read my Yahoo! article "Putting Toothpaste to the Test". It doesn't just review 11 uses for toothpaste (including cleaning the bathtub and brushing your teeth), but includes bonus tips, such as "Cleaning only the pooped-on section on a dirty car makes the rest of the car look worse."
It's an invaluable resource. Everyone should know this stuff.
My 20 cent toothpaste, my pens that aren't purple, my pastel paper clips, and my coupon binder that isn't purple on my box that's more lime than chartreuse. I used a coupon to pay $1.60 for the paper clips last week, and now they're on sale for $1.00. Is that enough reason to go buy more?


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