Friday, August 23, 2013

Purple Star!

Humongous, gigantic news on the Squidoo front!

My article, "My Grandfather's Songs: The Music of John H. Craton" (the one I almost didn't write because I wasn't sure I could make the deadline and I didn't think very many people would read it anyway), continues up the ladder by leaps and bounds.

Day        Rank
1             15,930
2               3,501
3                  644
4 (today)      139

Yesterday afternoon, I got the following email:

Hey OldRoadsOnceTraveled,

Yes. It's true. Not too good to be true, but almost.

An especially stellar Squidoo lens of yours was just handpicked by our editorial team to WIN the Purple Star award. Purple Stars are awarded sporadically, when we come across editorial excellence, to our very favorite lenses on the site.

Purple Star Trophy

You received a Purple Star!

for your lens My Grandfather's Songs: The Music of John H. Craton

I knew there was a reason purple was my favorite color.

I continue to be amazed how well this article is doing. Can't wait until tomorrow.

Update 8/24/13: We're up to #98 and # 5 in Music

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