Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm Back With a Promise to Try to Stay More Up-to-Date

It's appropriate that my last post was entitled "Maybe You Should Consider Joining Bubblews". I've been concentrating my writing there as that is the best-paying writing website that I have found. But I'm making a renewed effort to get back into blogging, and hopefully I will be able to organize my time better between all my online pursuits.

I have a lot of things to bring you up to speed on, but many of them deserve their own post.

Look for more new history posts here soon, but in the meantime I've got two new blogs.

I have spent the past year learning more and more about how to earn money online, both writing and other activities. My new "My Road to Earning Online."

Guiness has really come into his own as a kitty blogger since he began posting on Bubblews in February. Now he has his own blog titled "The Guiness Blog by Guiness the Cat".

I'll tell you more about those in separate posts.

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