Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yahoo Contributor Network and Squidoo Close Down

Yahoo announced in July that it would be closing the Yahoo Contributor Network and shutting down it's Yahoo Voices website. Squidoo announced August 15 that it has been acquired by HubPages and will soon shut down it's site as well.

The Yahoo Contributor Network was my first paid online writing experience, followed quickly by Squidoo. I was with each site right at a year.

In all, I published eight articles on Yahoo Voices and seven lenses on Squidoo. None of them earned me much money, but they were valuable learning experiences.

One invaluable lesson that they taught me is that I am a blogger, not a journalist or a marketer. My focus now is my blogs, Old Roads Once Traveled and My Road to Earning Online, serving as chief photographer and executive assistant to Guiness the Cat at The Guiness Blog, and social blogging on Bubblews and Persona Papers.

Despite what Guiness says, I am not the one who "broke" Squidoo or Yahoo Voices.
The Guiness Blog: Was it Something Debbi Did?

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