Monday, October 20, 2014



I officially launched my major project of reorganizing my house a week ago, and one of the first things I ran across in my push to declutter was a little notebook someone had given me as a gift.

It was probably from a student, since it's the typical kind of thing students give teachers, especially ones who like to write. But fancy, expensive little notebooks really aren't for me. While I adore pretty stationary and notebooks, I can't help but feel they're too special to waste on everyday writing, and I'm always saving them for something "special". Instead I find other supplies on the infrequent occasions I do much pencil and paper writing. Grocery lists go on skinny strips of paper where I've cut apart coupons I printed. To-do lists go on the back of junk mail and church bulletins.

In my head, I'm a hopeless romantic. In real life, I'm a total cheapskate.


This particular notebook had some very good timely advice. "Simply Your Life" it proclaimed. "Pare things down. Clean out the junk."

I'm really not sure what the notebook expected me to write in it. Lists of things to sell? Things to throw away? Areas of the house to tackle? What to store where? No, all those kinds of things are what I saved all those stacks and stacks and stacks of scrap paper for.

But it was very good advice. Very profound. Very needed.

So I heeded it, and sold the notebook at my yard sale. It was, in fact, my very first sale.

And my life is a dollar simpler for it.

Yes, very good advice, indeed.


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