Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maybe You Should Consider Joining Bubblews

When I first began Bubblews, I thought it would be primarily a writing platform similar to many on the lists of other sites that I was researching. I had read a number of posts and began to sense the personal blog-type aspect, but I had no idea of the extent of the community that Bubblews really is.

I love the flexibility of Bubblews. It is what you make it. If you're looking for a platform to publish articles about your particular niche, this is it. If you're looking for a social network, this is it. If you're looking for a blog platform, this is it. If you want to showcase your recipes, your crafts, or your poetry, this is it. If you're looking for advice, it's all here. Just post your question.

I never expected to make so many friends at Bubblews. I've gotten acquainted with a few people at Yahoo! Contributor Network, and have a tiny number at Squidoo with whom I interact mostly by reading and "liking" each other's work, and maybe exchanging a comment or two, so the social networking side of Bubblews caught me by surprise. Right off the bat, my very first commenter on my very first post has turned into a dear online friend. She helped introduce me to other "bubblers", many of whom I now consider friends. We read each other's posts and carry on conversations back and forth in the comment section, and I feel like I'm getting to know many of them quite well.

These are people I never would have met in the offline world. From Alabama to Alaska, California to Canada, some close to home, some around the world, and some in countries I have never even heard of. These are my new friends, and my world is richer for having met them.
And the icing on the cake? I not only get paid to write articles about anything I'm interested in, I get paid for carrying on conversations with my friends. I can be serious and professional if I want to, or I can share the latest cute thing my cat did. I can get paid for giving advice, or I can get paid for getting advice. (As of right now, I have earned nearly a dollar for asking a question I wanted an answer to, and that amount should continue to rise).

There is no pressure to perform. There are no deadlines. I can be as involved or uninvolved as I wish. I can obsess over research and search engine optimization and keywords to my little heart's desire (or not), or I can just write about my day. It is what I make it.

Maybe you love to write, but you had no idea where to share your words. Or maybe you just like to interact with people on line. Even if you aren't a serious writer, or don't even consider yourself a writer, you may want to consider Bubblews. If you enjoy posting your own thoughts on Facebook, you will like Bubblews. The posts must be your original work. No sharing someone else's words or pictures. Posts must be at least 400 characters, which is about the length of a short paragraph. So long as you avoid the usual prohibited content, such as pornography, you are free to write about anything you like. And unlike other social networks, you get paid for each view, like, and comment as long as you follow the rules, which are few.

With a lot of effort (or should I say a lot of fun?), you could earn a nice extra income if you are willing to put in the time to interact. Or you can just devote a little time to having fun, and bring home a few extra dollars. It's what you make it, but mostly it's fun. I should warn you, though. Bubbling is highly addictive.

If Bubblews sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to check it out. Read some of the posts. You'll find stories by people from all over the world. Some are professional writers. Many are not.
For more information, see my article "Why Should You Join Bubblews?" If you have a question, leave it in the comment section of the article and I'll try to answer it for you. You can also comment below.
If you're interested in reading what I've written so far on Bubblews, click here: OldRoadsOnceTraveled Profile Page.
If you'd like to join Bubblews, I would appreciate it is you would use my referral link. You aren't obligated to, but it would send an extra twenty cents my way. And if you do join, be sure to leave me a comment so I will have your profile link. I'd love to read what you have to say.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where the Name "Old Roads Once Traveled" Came From

My sixth month anniversary slipped by me last week without me noticing, but I plead sleep deprivation and the insanely busy schedule of the National Quartet Convention.

Back on March 14, 2013, I began this blog not really knowing what I was doing or how to go about it, but I did know where I was coming from. In my second post, Maps, I wrote about my love affair with maps and old roads and the history on them.

I really didn't explain the title "Old Roads Once Traveled", or where it came from. I had originally planned to title the blog "Roads Once Traveled", but that name was taken. So I stuck an "Old" in front of it, Blogger said okey-dokey, and "Old Roads Once Traveled" it became. I actually like that name a lot better. It's more descriptive of my interests and my focus.

I use my real name on Yahoo! Contributor Network, but when I joined Squidoo and Bubblews, I needed a screen name. Since I really like the blog title, I used OldRoadsOnceTraveled for consistency.

I'm still trying to build up content on Squidoo, Bubblews, and Yahoo! Contributor Network. So far, all I have on Squidoo that relates to the "Old Roads" theme is Jamestown, Meet Shirley Plantation's Cat, Tunnah, and possibly My Grandfather's Songs: The Music of John H. Craton. But after twenty posts on Bubblews, I still had nothing other than my introduction to link the screen name to what I write about.

Okay, I did admit to pondering whether any forensic investigation had been done on the cat hair on Robert E. Lee's sofa at Arlington, but other than that.

So, I did what any wise writer would do.

I posted the explanation so that I could get paid for explaining it. I also explained where my profile picture came from.

Here's the teaser:

How I Chose My Screen Name Old Roads Once Traveled

I've written novels ever since … actually, I have no idea. I can't remember not writing them. I've never actually completed one, but I've started tons.

I've always been drawn towards writing a trek story, and that theme has wormed its way into a number of novels that it probably had no place being there, so when I started my latest novel, I decided it would only be about the journey, and it would be a modern-day trek centered around the Oregon Trail. It still doesn't have a title carved in stone, but the working title is The Road Once Taken.

To find out the original title of the novel, you'll have to click on "Read More", because I'm not admitting to it twice.



Friday, September 6, 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago today, Guiness was diagnosed with diabetes.

I don't normally keep a diary, but fortunately I had the foresight to write down everything that was going on and how I felt. I was mulling over blog ideas in my head at the time, but I hadn't come up with anything of substance yet. A blog needs to take the reader on a journey, and I didn't have one yet. Or was this it?

I wasn't anywhere near ready to commit to that idea yet. I didn't know anything about feline diabetes, but learning is all part of the journey, isn't it? Still, I wasn't sure where this road was going, or how long it would be. Or, even more scary, wouldn't be.

So I started writing things down. Just in case.

Turns out, it would have been a pretty boring blog.

And that's good. That's very good.


Guiness was diagnosed with diabetes today. I actually feel relieved. Yesterday, I woke up at 6 and when I got up, he didn't come to drag me to the kitchen. When I went to check on him, he felt hot and was lethargic. He even refused treats.

It freaked me out. I'm a strong person. I can handle just about anything but the idea of my cat getting sick. I took him to bed for a little while, then sat in the chair with him. He let me snuggle him against my chest and laid meekly against me instead of propping on the chair arm at arm's length. I called the vet when they opened and jumped at an 8:30 appointment.

All I could get him to eat was 2 or 3 treats and just a little bit of watered down pâté.

The questions the vet asked made me think he was suspecting diabetes as a possibility. I was sort of suspecting it, too, because of how much he drinks and urinates. The vet was concerned with the fact that he carries his weight underneath and feels bony along the spine, but he said that sometimes happens in older cats. Something to do with water retention or muscle weakness.

The thing he seemed most concerned with was Guiness being a little dehydrated with a degree of fever, and not eating. The fever had just started, so it hadn't really affected his appetite much yet. He gave him a steroid shot and some subcutaneous fluids, and said the steroid should make him want to eat and drink. He also did a senior wellness check. He said if it was more urgent, they would do the tests in-house rather than send them to the lab, which made me feel better. But it stressed me out waiting and dreading getting the results.

Guiness was ready to start eating as soon as we got home. He ate a little every half hour, and by about 1 or so, he was acting nearly normal except for looking a little peaked-eyed. He was eating good and getting a lot of water from his food, but not touching his water bowl. He seemed okay to leave, so I ran to Walmart and bought some of his favorites. When I got home, he got all excited when I opened one.

He was pretty much normal by morning.

The vet called at 9:12 this morning. His sugar was elevated, but other stuff came back good. He wanted Guiness back to do another blood and urine test. I didn't want to wait another day since I was supposed to go on vacation on Monday, so he said to let him fast and bring him in after 4:30.

Guiness was pretty good until about noon, and then he started pacing a hole in the floor wanting to know why I was too stupid to follow him to the food bowl. I couldn't stand to eat in front of him.

I started doing some research, and found remarks from two or three people about their cats living several years with diabetes, and that treating them was worth it. One said that cats were sometimes hospitalized to get them regulated, and gave an estimate of $300 for initial diagnosis, that the standard was insulin injections 2x a day, so I knew what treatment to expect. I wasn't sure if the vet would keep him or send him home. I had already made up my mind to board him next week, rather than leave him with Bob.

Guiness' sugar was elevated, but the vet sent him home with instructions to start him on 1 unit of insulin 2x a day. He showed me how to do the injections with a large needle and sterile water. An assistant held Guiness by the scruff of the neck. Guiness did okay while I stuck the needle in, but he pitched a fit both times when I pushed the plunger in.

Boarding will cost $18.50/day + $11 per glucose test 2x day, except they will test 5x when they do the curve. It will be expensive, but not compared to hospital bills, and with many of the hospital benefits. He'll get to spend his first full week on insulin under the care of trained people.

I gave Guiness a little of the special food when we got home (he was less than enthusiastic about it), and called Walmart and Kroger for prices, then went to Walmart to get insulin, syringes, a sharps container, and corn syrup for in case G's sugar falls too far too fast. The vet said not likely at 1 unit, but could as dosage increases.

I called my neighbor to come hold Guiness while I gave him his shot, but he wasn't home. So I got my act together, and wrapped him up. Wrapping didn't work. He struggled a little while I was trying to get it together, but he didn't give me any trouble actually doing it.

The vet was one I liked when he was treating Norma before she died, but he started turning me off yesterday by talking about how difficult and expensive it was to treat a diabetic cat. He started that again today, and said that the owners got tired of it, the cat got tired of being stuck (the comments I'd found online said that cats tolerated it well). He said he wouldn't think anything bad about me if I came back later and said I couldn't do it anymore.

We didn't go back to that vet. He was off the day I picked Guiness up, and I liked the vet I met then. He believes in treating the patient, not the number, and recognized the effect of stress on feline blood glucose levels, so when weekly tests kept coming back high no matter how much we increased the insulin, he did another test which measures average glucose over a period, and we settled on five units.

One year later, Guiness is doing well. His blood glucose is managed on less than half the amount of insulin he was taking. His spine isn't bony anymore, he only drinks from his water bowl occasionally, and goes through about a fourth of the litter he used to. He sometimes gets a little unenthusiastic about being stuck, but he comes willingly at shot time and doesn't complain. I've never had to go hunt him. When I sit down at the coffee table, even it if for some other reason, he comes. He purrs through shots and ear pricks. Sometimes he reminds me it's shot time. A few times he's even led me to the coffee table and asked for extra shots.

Okay, he was actually asking for extra treats, but he was still willing to endure an extra shot for them. (He got the extra treat without the extra shot).

Watching him, you'd never suspect he's about sixteen. He feels good almost all of the time. He's happy.

Well, he's isn't happy when I order him out of his favorite hiding place that he isn't supposed to be in. But he comes plodding out under his own power, grumbling and complaining like a kid. It's quite amusing. Then he goes on his merry little way and forgets about being mad at me after about a minute.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Next Week is the National Quartet Convention!

I'll be posting more about that later. Keep a close watch on my Bubblews page.

In the meantime, here's a little background information on the National Quartet Convention. If you can't make it to Louisville, Kentucky, you can get a video pass for live and on-demand viewing of the webcast. And Friday's access is free! There's also a private Roku channel this year. See the NQC website for more info.