Old Roads Once Traveled Archives

Welcome to the archives section of Old Roads Once Traveled. On this page you will find an index of posts I have written in the past that no longer reside at their original home.

2014 was a tumultuous year for online writers with many writing sights shutting down or experiencing difficulties. For me personally, I have several articles go homeless when Yahoo Voices and Squidoo shut down. A website redesign at Bubblews damaged all of my photo essays there. Further setbacks on that site prompted me to remove most of my content.

Some of the older posts are "evergreen", and I have been able to rework them as new posts here, on The Guiness Blog, on Persona Paper, or elsewhere. Others are specific to the date they were originally published, but still have value and need a home. This is their new showcase.

Click on the title to go to each post.

Old Roads Once Traveled Archives

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