Friday, January 30, 2015

Old Roads Once Traveled is Now on YouTube

Canon EOS Rebel T5

I now have two YouTube channels that I am in the process of adding content to.

One, under the name Debbi Craton, will probably mostly be music videos now that I have a camera capable of recording concert-quality video.

Here's an introduction to one of the videos I shot last month on my Canon EOS Rebel T5 -- the Booth Brothers singing "At the Right Time".

The Old Roads Once Traveled channel will mostly host Guiness the Cat's videos, videos I'm writing about, and pretty much everything else. Turkeys are frequently visitors to my house, and they are sometimes fun to video. Here's one turkey that was much more fun to watch the video afterwards than it was while I he was holding me hostage in the car in the middle of my driveway!

By the way, Bubblews is not doing well at the moment. After a number of serious issues, I have removed most of my content there. Much of it will be placed somewhere suitable, including on Persona Paper, The Guiness Blog, and on this blog. In the meantime, since I doubt I'll see any more money from Bubblews, I am only occasionally posting things there as a way to promote my other sites, in particular my YouTube Channels.


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